TopSolid 7 이란?

TopSolid 7 is the new generation of CAD/CAM software developed by Missler Software. The new software has strongly developed the following points:

  • The management of technical data used in relation with an ERP system
  • Large assembly management
  • The conviviality and ease of use of the software

TopSolid 7 offers huge innovations on the CAD/CAM market by simplifying the design and modification of large assemblies in an organized and structured environment. The end user benefits from productivity gains estimated at being 30% superior to traditional solutions.

Exceptional performances

  • TopSolid 7 has been completely rethought and re-written based on new software
  • technology (C#, native PDM)
  • Automatic and transparent lightening of models
  • Incremental management of modifications
  • An exceptional management of the memory of large assemblies
  • Extraordinary reaction speeds thanks to the use of multi-core technology (graphics, draft, etc.)

Benefits which make all the difference in your everyday work

  • Improved management of your Design Office with integrated Product Data Management
  • A simple to use and convivial software
  • Capitalize your company know-how by using components and intelligent processes
  • Advanced and integrated simulation (kinematics, dynamics, Finite Element Analysis...)
  • Powerful sheet metal functions
  • Integrated with all TopSolid CAD/CAM solutions
  • A software for mechanical engineers

TopSolid 7

TopSolid 7, 차세대 CAD/CAM/ERP 소프트웨어.
TopSolid 7의 강력한 모델링 능력.
드라프팅이 너무 쉬웠던 적이 없었다.
이 섬유 산업용 기계의 디자인에 TopSolid7의 이용으로 30% 빠르게 완성하였다.

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